Monday, January 16, 2012

Come Fly with Me

Happy Monday my friends! It SNOWED in Seattle this weekend [sort of a rare occurrence] and with no place to go and a lovely bright white view, I had plenty of time to reflect, recharge and re-organize in preparation for this brand new adventure I'm about to embark on. I have two weeks until I start my dream job and I can hardly contain my excitement. The more I learn about Free People and what's in store for me, the more I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! The first two months I'll be jet-setting all over the country meeting the talented women behind the brand, opening up shiny new locations, and soaking in the inspiration of what my fellow display artists have imagined and created in their own stores. I sure hope you'll come along...

source unknown / Prism of Threads

So far on my calendar I'll be heading to Birmingham, New York, Austin, New Orleans, Boulder, Portland, San Fransisco and on my first day, Boston! I am SO incredibly excited to meet the other display artists and to see how the Free People culture has developed in each different city. And as I'll be flying out every other week, I'm rounding up some travel necessities to do it in style...

gloves, watch + sketchbook via Urban Outfitters / duffel, camera case + suitcase via Free People, scarf via Little Paper Planes, boots via Need Supply

I especially love the idea of the 'One Sketch a Day' Visual Journal. You could do it with any blank journal and what a wonderful mental break to see how your feelings come out on the page visually day after day. Hope you're all recharged from the weekend as well and ready to take on a brand new week, I'm starting it with snow angels [as soon as I find a spot with enough snow]...Enjoy! 


  1. OMG lucky girl! Congrats on the dream job Laura! So happy and excited for you :) xo

  2. Thanks girl! We still NEED to get that cup of coffee!! Let's make it happen!