Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Daylight: Life is in the Details

People often ask me what design style my own home is and well, there really is no good short answer. You might say it is one part vintage, one part Navajo, one part Uzbekistan, one part Abstract Expressionism, three parts thrifted and oh yes, lots of gold...

Just thought I'd share some of my favorite details in my home right now. My man and I are thrifting fanatics and some of our absolute favorite pieces were found in the most unlikely of places. Such as the screen printed burlap piece in the first photo, found for $5 in a tiny thrift store in Napa. And this last piece is the newest addition to our collection, recently found at our neighborhood Goodwill. But it is the eclectic combination of it all, old and new, patterned and textured, that excites me the most. Have you guys had any good thrift finds lately? Enjoy!


  1. Love it, would love to see more. I have been scoring lots of art lately. So addictive.

  2. Love your patterns and colors! I found a great campaign chest at a consignment shop a few days ago. So much fun!


  3. Oh I have such a thing for chests! We have a gold one that serves as an end table, and thrift shops can be such a great place to find unique art!