Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Diary // Free People Birmingham, AL

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy 3 weeks starting my new job and I haven't quite gotten the hang of keeping up with my posts while traveling back and forth across the country but I promise to get better! In the mean time I wanted to finally share what I've been away doing. So without further is the brand new Free People in Birmingham, Alabama...

It was such an amazingly gratifying experience; arriving at the brand new store, an essentially blank but beautiful canvas, and working as a team non-stop for a week as it came to life. I was working with the amazingly talented Southwest display artist on installing the Spring display and filling the 20 foot high space with extra special touches. My favorite was painting the windows which required climbing up into a little shelf above that was blazing hot from the sun every morning...Enjoy!

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  1. wow! looks amazing, L! let's catch up soon when you have time...miss jetsetter! ;) i miss you!