Thursday, March 8, 2012

Impactful Inspo // This Shape..

One of my favorite parts about traveling for Free People is getting to see all the different Urban Inc. stores around the country. It's so wonderful to see how the experienced and veteran display artists at Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters across the country use the same inspiration in so many unique ways. I was especially inspired by this gorgeous pentagonal moment in Denver's Urban Outfitters [oh yeah, and that ombre tower isn't too shabby either..]...

This artist at the Heidi Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne, Australia took it to a whole other level making the scale larger than life. And the intricately woven pops of color make it even more amazing, who knew wood and string could be so impactful? What's been inspiring you lately?


  1. dude this thing is amazing?! How am i the fist comment.

  2. Do you have a pattern and instructions for this masterpiece? I was in a car accident and I would like to you this as a rehabilitation project.