Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eco Gift Guide for Coco+Kelley

Okay so we are officially only 4 days til Christmas, so most of you have probably been much more on top of things than I have and have all your Christmas shopping done, but in case you don't, just thought I'd share this Eco-friendly Gift Guide I put together for Coco+Kelley. I am so excited and honored to be contributing to the amazing design blog in the New Year with posts on Eco-friendly products and resources and continuing her 'Kelley Green' column! She asked me to put together a Gift Guide in the mean time and I thought I'd share it with all of you just in case you missed it on Coco+Kelley last week. She's been posting fabulous gift guides all week so definitely head over there to check them out as well!

 For full links check it out at Coco+kelley http://cocokelley.blogspot.com/2010/12/gift-guide-for-mother-earth.html Hope you enjoy!
*1. Reclaimed Wood Mirror from dryads dancing
*2. Organic Nailpolish from Kaight NYC
*3. Reclaimed screen printed feather wood hook from NewDuds
*4. Recycled Clutch from GreenEnvy
*5. Recycled Metal necklace from Polli
*6. Naturally dyed vintage pillow from Sukan
*7. Recycled copper bowls Pfeifer Studio
*8. Laptop case made from recycled plastic bottles from Econscious
*9. Natural Mint Lime Sugar Bath Bomb from GreenEnvy
*10. Bag made from recycled sails from sea bags
*11. Journals made from vintage wallpaper from lorgie&me

*12. Recycled glass necklace from Smart Glass Jewelry
*13. Tivi clutch made from timber from Polli
*14. Grey Pashmina made from rayon bamboo from Overstock.com
*15. Ethically made shoes from Kaight NYC from Kaight NYC
*16. Bamboo iphone case from grove
*17. Sprout Watch with Eco-friendly white corn resin bracelette and mineral crystal lens from Macys
*18. Fair Trade Emerald ring from Elegant Roots

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  1. These are beautiful picks! Loving #12 and #16! Happy holidays, Kellie xx