Monday, February 7, 2011

Ladybird: Lord Huron-The Stranger

For those of you in the midwest, this is a tribute to you and your winter wonderland. As a northwesterner we do not get blizzards or snow storms but once a year and our world shuts down, but i do feel a bit jealous that you get to make snow angels more than two days a year. stay safe, keep warm and enjoy this tribute to you!

Lord Huron is a new band out of Los Angles CA and their EP is wonderful. This beautiful video was shot in Michigan and has more of the feel of a movie than a music video. Lord Huron sounds like the music in my dreams, take a peek!

signing off ladybird

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And as always a little inspiration to get you through those winter days...And coming this week, our exclusive interveiw with The Head and the Heart's own Charity Rose Thielen! Enjoy

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