Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ladybird: Warpaint - Undertow

Warpaint is a new to hit mainstream band from LA. What i love about this band is how they have morphed from clean LA look to grungy new york look; they call themselves "progressive brutal" which i have no idea what that means. undertow is one of my favorite songs from this band but the entire cd pulls me in. when watching countless interviews i cannot understand how this band can actually finish a song but maybe the extreem craziness of this band makes them even better. Finally a good girl band, thank you warpaint for bringing the grundge back

signing off ladybird

I have to admit I love grunge. Being that grunge was born is Seattle the trend has never really left here, an oversized flannel has been a staple in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember..is that bad?
photo 1 via fashion toast, art from top: Gerard Richter, Artofdecay, Sam Gilliam
There is just something about that gritty relaxed look that I love, and these works of art give off that same vibe. Of course now that I'm a working girl I don't get to rock this look all that much..Make sure to come back soon for a giveaway with Miss strataflora on Thursday, a guest post from Cristina of FUJI FILES on friday, and the debut of my new series, On the Job with Kelley Moore, see you soon!

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