Friday, June 3, 2011

Ladybird: 'Dagger' by Sassparilla

Happy Friday readers! Last weekend i went to Seattle's Folk Life festival and saw so many different folk artists ranging in age and variety. Among the amazing acts i saw on the lawn and in venues, one that really stuck out at me was Sassparilla, i think they summed up the Folk Life Festival sound. In their band they have a washboard, harmonica and custom made base player. I am playing their song Dagger which i really loved from their set. This band is from Portland so don't worry if you missed Folklife, they aren't too far away. Other bands i was fortunate enough to see were the Jocelyn Pettit Band, Atlas Alas and an adorable 4 piece middle school band called the Rivals. The festival did not only have tons of bands but also food, story telling and circus acts. Folklife is one of the most interesting places to people watch. The main look was the nomadic look. In some of my pictures you can see what i mean. Have fun browsing my pictures and maybe next year you will see me playing my fiddle there!

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