Sunday, September 30, 2012

An Artful Weekend: Alexandra Valenti

Alexandra Valenti is one of those artists that continues to produce work that emanates her signature wanderlust style while at the same time innovating and creating something fresh and new with each project she takes on. Her bohemian brilliance is completely unique, mixing stunningly raw photography and fashion with watercolor and patterning in a way that makes each image feel like a little portal into a purely artistic world...
images via Alexandra Valenti
Wanting to spend the weekend soaking up new inspiration, Alexandra Valenti was on one of the first places I turned...Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

FREE PEOPLE DISPLAY // Fall in Manhattan Beach

Happy Wednesday my friends! I wanted to share how we transformed Free People Manhattan Beach into Fall. This is such a fun store to work in because the windows look out to the beach below and the sun is always shining. Novelty denim is such a huge part of the Fall lines that we wanted to incorporate it into the Fall display. So I spent a good month bleaching, dying and sewing denim into tapestries to hang in the stores. Needless to say, when it came to constructing them for Manhattan Beach, we wanted to give them a beachy vibe...
I found this rich henna color to decorate the windows with, thanks to Montana's new line of paint pens, and it ended up being the perfect hue for Fall. And of course, after spending the whole month figuring out different bleaching techniques for denim, I couldn't help but transform some of my own denim as well...Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

STYLE INSPO: Why not dress like a gypsy?

My personal style has always been of the bohemian persuasion, feathers and beads, over sized jewelry, and an impractical amount of pattern and embellishment. But I went through a bit of a style crisis when I finished school and began the transition into the professional world. I look pretty young to begin with, and I wasn't sure if people would take my long hippie hair and lack of business attire seriously. I learned how to wear heals and stocked up on blazers and blouses and cut off the bracelets that had stacked year after year onto my wrists. And you know what? It just wasn't me. I found myself trying to express myself in a world that just didn't fit.
Enter Free People. For the first time in my life I feel like I've found the perfect fit. I feel so grateful I get to make art everyday in an aesthetic that I love and I get to dress how I please, and all while surrounded by an abundance of inspiring, stylish, and creative women that remind me that style is about creative expression and having fun with it...
These are some shots from some of my favorite style inspirations over at Spell and the Gyspy Collective. Now of course the challenge for me is always how to translate the beach boho look I love so much into Seattle-ready wear...Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Free People Display Love // Dream Catchers

One of the greatest aspects of working for Free People is all the amazingly creative women I am surrounded by. I am constantly inspired by my fellow display artists but today I wanted to share a special display that came together with the help of one of our super talented store girls in Costa Mesa, California. Jen of Broken Arrow Shop crafts gorgeous doily dream catchers and we loved them so much we asked her to make a handful to incorporate into our Fall display set. We simply added in some denim blue dye and voila! one of everyone's favorite display moments of the season came together...
Each one is handmade and unique, I already have one picked out to buy when the display comes down but she is selling more at her shop right now! The girls at home office were so inspired they even did a mini D.I.Y. version on the blog. I'll be sharing more snapshots from our Fall display all week so make sure to check back soon...Enjoy!

Monday, September 3, 2012

INSPIRED BY // Dream Wedding

Hello and happy weekend! I'm so sorry for my absense these past few weeks, work has been crazy with Fall display installs and store openings for Free People and my weekends have been filled with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and wedding for some of my very dearest friends. I am so excited to share all the display love I've been giving the Northwest but in the mean time I wanted to share a little wedding inspiration that just took my breath away. With all my closest friends tying the knot this summer I've been thinking a lot about what my wedding might be like someday and this gypsy wedding is exactly what I've been dreaming about...