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Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo Diary // Free People Bridgeport Opening

Well hello there! I know its been ages since I've posted, life has been absolutely crazy (in a good way) but I'm not ready to turn the lights off on this venture yet, so better late than never right? I wanted to share one of our latest Free People store openings in Bridgeport, Oregon. (It's near Portland) This was an exciting opening for me because I made most of the display from scratch to open with our Summer concept a couple weeks before we transitioned as a company. I'm absolutely in love with the colors, textures and overall vibe of our Summer display. It's 70's macramé, sea tones, and fringe all pulled together in one very Free People package...

Prepping for the trip meant honing my macramé skills, and having my hands in blue dye for weeks, making pieces the size of my house to reach the 22 foot ceilings. It's always so inspiring to work in a brand new beautiful space, (notice the sparkly walls and intricately carved wood) and such a reward bringing it from start to finish with a group of talented and dedicated women. And of course, hanging out in Portland for a week wasn't too shabby either. Consider this just a sneak peek of the Summer display we've been installing all over the country this month, more pics to come I promise! Until then...Enjoy!!