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Friday, April 29, 2011

Colored Daylight 4.29.11

Happy happy Friday everyone! My apologies for my tardy posting today, I was at work celebrating the Royal Wedding all through the night and am just now starting my day. Just wanted to leave you with some colorful inspiration for your weekend, reds and pinks done my way, in dip dyed fabrics, color field paintings and recycled glass...
photo via color collective, Mark Rothko, me

Mark Rothko's work continues to be a constant inspiration to me, always reminding me of the impact color alone has and I love the brilliant hue variations in a pile of recycled glass at Bedrock Industries for adding color to a garden or tabletop..hope your weekend is just as vibrant and full of life as this palette...Enjoy!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love it / Live it: Kate Banazi + Jonathan Adler

Hello sunshine! Today I am desperately calling on the sun to come back to us, it made a fleeting appearance here this weekend and then the grey took over again. Good thing artists and designers like Kate Banazi and Jonathan Adler are bringing the sun out in their work...
Jonathan Adler's philosophy 'Happy Chic' says that design is the best way to medicate and I couldn't agree more. Beautiful art and design is what makes my world go around each and every day...Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art + Interiors: Water World [Katherine Sandoz]

Happy hump day everyone! Today I'm inspired by the fluid and tranquil 'Waterway Series' by artist Katherine Sandoz. Not only do these paintings happen to be in my favorite color palette but they also combine two of my favorite subjects; nature and abstraction. The subtle silhouetted landscapes seem to glide seamlessly between interchanging skies and horizon lines creating an atmosphere that is both calming and bursting with life at the same time... 
pillow via john robshaw, pendant via 1st dibs, chest via the future perfect, end table via architonic, rug via fort street studio, glass bowl via terrain, chair via the future perfect

I would never have thought to combine black with a sea-inspired palette but I love the way the dark figures anchor the composition the same way a dark rug anchors a room. The mix of fluid color, curving shapes and rough, distinct edges is an unexpected way to bring rhythm to a room without any surface pattern at all (and we all know I just cannot get enough of John Robshaw's dip dyed pillows). Hope your week is off to a good start and overflowing with unexpected inspiration...Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Love it / Live it: Seeing Red

Lately working for Kelley Moore, I've been seeing a lot of the color red, and I have to say, it is really starting to grow on me. Of course, my version would have to be richly infused with pattern and design and handmade of natural materials like this beautiful Indian heirloom cloth...
via textile arts, and
And though we all tend to be attached at the hip to our laptops, there is something about good ol' fashioned pen and paper that is absolutely therapeutic. So power down and start writing, and while you're at it, you might as well be writing on 100% recycled paper in a gorgeous embossed leather-bound journal right? Enjoy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Daylight 4.25.11

Happy Monday readers! Well the grey skies are back for now but I soaked up enough of the sunshine this weekend to last a little while, and I spent some time soaking up the inspiration of other Seattle creatives as well... 
I loved this window display in dowtown Nordstroms, a chair project connecting 10 artists and 10 interior designers, I'm especially fond of the one with the super high back.
I finally got a chance to see The Head and the Heart live at a free show at Queen Anne's Easy Street Records. They were absolutely amazing live and have so much energy and presence on stage. And don't worry they'll be back this weekend for a couple shows too in case you missed them!
And finally the Fremont Market is the perfect way to spend a sunny Sunday and I was blown away at all the vintage finds and crafty artisans...

I found this stunning crystal collection from artisan Buddy Austin and could hardly pick just one and Tuesday Shop's wide selection of gorgeous graphic scarves didn't make narrowing things down very easy either....
I hope you all got a bit of Vitamin D this weekend and a lot of inspiration, what was your weekend highlight?? Cheers to a new week..Enjoy!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ladybird- Beach House "Master of None'

Hello weekenders,

This week I was debating what to post and going through a bunch of old artists i used to listen to and i came across Beach House. I know you are thinking, how could you forget about Beach House especially when their newest album has come out and is fantastic! I found the video for "Master of None" from their first self titled album in 2006. Thier newest album Teen Dream has taken their echoey dream pop sound to another level. Usually I become weary after the first album from a band that has such a distinct sound but w/ Beach House i was pleasanlty surprised. Also Victoria and Alex both have an amazing style, check out some pics below. Enjoy your weekend and this creative and quirky video!

signing off-ladybird

via JP's blog, Allison Diaz, Bridget Riley

Friday, April 22, 2011

Art + Interiors: Earthy Chic

Happy Earth Day everyone! I try to live green daily but I love having a day where we all take a minute to consider how we can be a bit better to Mother Earth. I rounded up some of my favorite eco-friendly products this holiday season for a gift guide over on coco+kelley and am thrilled to be on the verge of re-launching 'Kelley Green' again to share the most chic eco-friendly finds on the market. 

Being a lover of nature and design, African textiles have always fascinated me with their graphic patterns and steady rhythms. In contrast to the perfect pattern repeats seen in contemporary textiles, the organic, handmade quality of the ceremonial bark cloth gives them an intrinsic beauty.
photos via
pendant via 1st dibs, chair via roomandboard, pillow via zara home, end table via jayson home and garden, pillows via wisteria, bowls, bench, vase and lantern via jayson home and garden,  end table via abchome
To be honest this space would feel like home to me instantly. There is such warmth in natural materials and the geometric patterns and modern silhouettes give it a fresh and contemporary edge. Have a fabulous weekend and make sure to show Mother Earth some serious love..Enjoy!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Love it / Live it: Dipped in Sunshine

Seattle tends to wake up quite a bit when the sun comes out, everyone comes out of a sort of social hibernation and people are waving to each other on the streets and smiling at strangers again. And my inspiration goes through the roof. I have so many fun projects brewing I can't wait to share so please stick around as all of you keep my inspiration coming day after day...
photo via Mo&Ka, pillow via Hettle
This first image is absolutely insane I just had to re-post it and this chic little tie-dye pillow definitely belongs on my bed, hope wherever you are you're soaking up the sun and loving life, Enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Colored Daylight

Well for the first time in months, this week's forecast is all sunshine and so is my disposition. Spring in Seattle means longer days, walks around the lake and cheery sun drenched palettes...
image via oracle fox, art via rick riggs, necklace via tuesday shop
It also means the best Sunday Markets, and at this weekend's Fremont Market I was pleasantly surprised to find an old college friend and fellow artist heading up her own booth. Rian's shop, Tuesday, holds gorgeous scarves in every shade and pattern that double as hoods AND these killer fringe necklaces are coming soon. Rian graciously gave me this one and I could not be more thrilled. And how serendipitous it is as I was just fawning over all that fringe yesterday...Enjoy!

p.s. Kelley liked Tuesday's scarves so much she featured them this morning on New Day Northwest, check it out here!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Love it / Live it: Fringe Binge [Joan Salo]

Two things I can never get enough of whether it be in my wardrobe or on my wall, are color and texture. So when I discovered Joan Salo's work (thank you Color Collective!) I was mesmerized. And believe it or not, these seemingly tactile and three dimensional works are actually just ink on canvas, can you believe it?! Pretty incredible...
And because your outfit is always a an opportunity for a work of art, these fringe necklaces would make a bold statement. I love the dip-dyed ombre look and the way they would bring drama to a plain tee.
They have a piece for every mood, I'm having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite, what about you?
Check them out over on Etsy shop Three Horses and make sure to send a pic my way if you end up rocking one of these. I hope your week is off to a great start, we finally saw some sun today so I'm optimistic that Spring is finally coming to Seattle...Enjoy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Art + Interiors: Filippo Minelli

Good Morning! I hope your weekend was as refreshing and rejuvenating as mine was. Though winter is (allegedly) behind us, I was incredibly drawn to the works of Filippo Minelli this morning. I love the bare nature landscapes infused with explosions of color. The juxtapositions of old and new, classic and modern, natural and man-made create a surreal visual impact.

I also love the implications for designing a room Minelli's works presents. I love the idea of a space that combines natural and organic materials with modern, man-made pieces and pops of bold color.
mirror, chair and coffee table via piece inc, light via the future perfect, end tables via south of market, rug via abc carpet 
Here's to a brand new week and hopefully the arrival of Spring...Enjoy!

Friday, April 15, 2011

My Daylight 4.15.11

Hello and happy Friday readers! As promised today I'm sharing a little of what inspires me outside of my trusty laptop. First of all it was high time to get back into the silk screen studio I left behind when I headed down south a couple years ago. I've missed it dearly and am finally beginning the process of setting up a new space in our basement so I can start printing again...
I perused downtown's Pacific Galleries, an antique co-op with booth after booth of amazing vintage finds. The floor is lined with gorgeous rugs in intricate patterns and bright palettes. This is absolutely the place to go for unique, quality pieces that you won't see anywhere else. I could spend way too many hours in this place...
On Monday Jake and I saw an amazing show at the Showbox Market, and though it was a bit late for me on a week night, it was completely worth it. The Naked and Famous killed it and absolutely lived up to their expectation of being this Summer's breakout band and the Foals put on a show that took their ethereal sound to the next level.
This weekend I'm hoping to make it down to the Seattle Art Museum for a visit before accompanying Kelley at a Fashion Face-off at Macy's downtown. There is still time to RSVP so if you're in the area I'd love to see you there! Otherwise have a fabulous weekend and ENJOY!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love it / Live it: Navy Ikat

Good Morning! Thursday happens to be one of my favorite days of the week, the work week is coming to a close, the weekend is still ahead and it's the one night my man and I actually have off together, so tonight we are headed to the Capitol Hill Art Walk to find some fresh inspiration to bring right back to you! Now I'm wishing Spring would actually get here and I could rock this gorgeous look...
coco+kelley, dandelion
But alas we are still in the dead of Winter it seems here, so instead maybe I'll do some entertaining with this fancy dishware...Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art + Interiors: Wild for Warhol

"Sometimes the little things you don't think are anything when they're happening turn out to be what marks a whole period of your life."  -Andy Warhol
So as you may have noticed, my blog page ends with some cheeky screen printed images from none other than the Pop Art icon himself, Andy Warhol. Warhol's raw, vibrant prints were a huge inspiration to me while in school learning to silk screen. I truly feel that even in a digital world saturated with computer graphics, the luster of hand printed art is unmatched. Plus, Warhol's work reminds me to take life a little less seriously, be in life's little moments...
Warhol's printing of everyday images was a way to express the manufactured world we had come to live in and show the world that art is everywhere. "Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it." I love the way each layer is printed ever so slightly off alignment from the last and his outrageously brazen color combinations.
1st dibs,, architonic chair, the future perfect,, the future perfect, jonathan adler pillow, design within reach sofa 
Like I said, I'm a flower child at heart but I sure wouldn't mind a trip to the early 80's to hang out with Warhol and Edie Sedgwick in their velvet underground. Luckily there are still plenty of Pop Art inspired furnishings out there to satisfy that urge...Enjoy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Love it / Live it: Mental (Color) Blocking [Sam Francis]

Good Morning friends, I hope you had a great weekend! I have to say I've been struggling with some serious artist's block lately. This Sam Francis painting seemed a perfect fit for my current state but I'm taking a cue from his bold hues and fluid brush strokes...
cabinet via the future perfect
I've let this dreary weather keep me from getting out and about in this creative town long enough. So this week is going to be all about getting out there, outside of my trusty laptop, and finding some fresh inspiration, so stay tuned and Happy Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ladybird: Dom-'Living in America'

TGIF, today i felt extremely happy to live here in the northwest and it made me think of this uber nationalistic song by Dom called Living in America. Whenever i hear this song it makes me laugh, but i guess what is more sexy than living in America?.... living in France.

Anyway, have a great weekend and hopefully this song can be on your playlist tonight! I have added some pictures of local people from some of my favorite seattle blogs

signing off ladybird

via emerald clost, seattle pi
via itsmydarlin
via littlestpolly, seattle pi, emerald closet

I want to live in...A Molly Luetkemeyer project

Happy Friday!! Today I'm inspired by Interior Designer Molly Luetkemeyer. I love a woman who doesn't shy away from bold color or pattern and knows how to compose a room like a perfectly executed canvas. I love how she effortlessly combines unexpected palettes and graphic textures while still somehow maintaining a level of simplicity.
Having worked under the phenomenally talented Kelly Wearstler, you can tell she loves to add an element of the unexpected, but she brings her own sophisticated style by holding back from mixing a lot of patterns to really let the individual pieces sing.
I'm usually not one to love a pink room but the vintage rugs and weathered stools create a rustic and well traveled space that feels lusciously feminine at the same time. I hope you all have a beautiful Friday and a weekend packed with inspiration and good company...Enjoy!