Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ladybird- Beach House "Master of None'

Hello weekenders,

This week I was debating what to post and going through a bunch of old artists i used to listen to and i came across Beach House. I know you are thinking, how could you forget about Beach House especially when their newest album has come out and is fantastic! I found the video for "Master of None" from their first self titled album in 2006. Thier newest album Teen Dream has taken their echoey dream pop sound to another level. Usually I become weary after the first album from a band that has such a distinct sound but w/ Beach House i was pleasanlty surprised. Also Victoria and Alex both have an amazing style, check out some pics below. Enjoy your weekend and this creative and quirky video!

signing off-ladybird

via JP's blog, Allison Diaz, Bridget Riley

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