Monday, February 28, 2011

Art + Interiors: Grey Majestic [Liam Wylie]

Good Morning! Is it Monday again already? It seems time is just flying by these days. As you know, the Mountains have been a huge inspiration to me lately. And while the winter days here are often grey, when the clouds clear and I can see the snow-capped  Mountain range I'm given a renewed sense of peace.
I love these photo collages by Liam Wylie. They're a perfect mix of natural beauty and graphic elegance.

"Live each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each vantage point" Harold V. Melchert

wallpaper via flavor league, pillow and coffee table via south of market, blocks via wisteria, trays via jayson home and garden, end table via south of market, vases via abc home, pillow via sachin + babi
As much as I love color, I love when texture and elemental design creates a story in a nuetral palette. Like Wylie's work, the mix of organic elements and geometric patterns create a space that is both eclectic and sophisticated...

via sfgirlbybay

via living etc.

lonny mag

via sfgirlbybay

and I'll leave you with Seattle's mountain view...Enjoy!
olympic mountain range via Larry Mishkar photography

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love it / Live it: Feathery Finds

Good Morning readers and happy Saturday! I just wanted to pop in and share my latest Etsy favorites with you. I love the delicate simplicity of this feather drawing from Etsy shop GroundWork (made on eco-friendly paper!). I love the way the feathers themselves provide their own intricate patterns and the understated palette is light and sophisticated...
These silk screened pillows from Etsy shop ElkhornDesign (made with eco-friendly ink!) would be a great way to add texture and rhythm so a room. I love the depth the layering brings as well. I hope you're all having a relaxing morning and that your spirits are light as a feather today..And consider this a sneak peak of the giveaway we'll be doing soon over on Strataflora...Enjoy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ladybird: Ducktails-Hamilton Road

Ducktails, not the show we watched when we were kids but a new band out of Jersey. This is a solo project by Matt Mondanile who is also in Real Estate (just saw them w/ the deerhunter show). Who would have thought that a wonderful garage pop band would come out of jersey?!Well this song just calms my soul and makes me think of sitting on a tree branch in the summer in the park. The song is Hamilton Road, sorry there wasn't a good video but the music is visual enough. Enjoy

Signing off Ladybird

photos via design love fest, last fm,, late afternoon, fashion toast

Thursday, February 24, 2011

D.I.Y. NORTHWEST: iphone case

I am a huge believer in personal style, and though there are tons of amazing products out on the market, sometimes the only way to get something that is uniquely you is to do it yourself. I am constantly recreating pieces, painting and reconstructing, dying and sewing and I thought I would start sharing that process with all of you. Enter my new series...

I recently joined the rest of the planet and got an iphone and since I will inevitably drop it, I had to get myself a case. After much searching I couldn't find the perfect one so I got a gorgeous bamboo case from Root Cases and added my own design with some masking tape and metallic gold paint...
A little bit granola, a little bit glamour and totally unique...Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love it / Live it: Grit and Glamour [Marilyn Minter]

I've always been a bit enamored with the photography of Marilyn Minter. I love the way she captures both grit and glamour simultaneously. And I often find myself experiencing life in these two extremes. There is much sadness, darkness and pain but it is far exceeded by all the joy, beauty and light. And I truly feel it's that contrast itself that makes it so inspiring...
Marilyn Minet, ring via
Minter's work is the same way, she captures the moments that break the idealistic facades of Fashion, embracing the details where the two world's meet, placing the viewer smack dab in the middle of it all. I love this style as well, this ring is a little bit bling but it has unexpected asymmetry and a roughness to it.
Marilyn Minter, ring via
This image is one of my favorites with its metaphoric implications about walking in her shoes. This girl obviously walks hard and if you're a motivated woman dedicated to doing what you love you know what that means, we may love a little sparkle but we are damn tough...Enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Working Girl...2.21

Hello all and happy Monday! Thought I'd share a little sneak peak into the world of Kelley Moore Creative Media...I of course can't give you all the goods but here is a little glimpse of the glamorous little office I get to work in everyday...
between that cheery palette and stunning view it's hard to feel too stressed even when working with tight deadlines and production schedules...
I'm a little obsessed with the painting behind Kelley's desk as well as the abundance of gilded gold pieces throughout. As you can see the space gets tons of light so we always get our daily dose of Vitamin D even if sitting in front of our laptops, and don't I look professional in my blazer and coordinating yellow mug? Hope your week is starting off beautifully...Enjoy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Love it / Live it: The Color Purple [Wolf Kahn]

I'm normally not a huge fan of the color purple but this painting by Wolf Kahn makes me see it in a whole new light. I don't think the bright yellow-greens would have the same light if not set against the rich purple trees. The complimentary hues and highly saturated tones in this painterly landscape make it an unexpected feel good piece for me.
Sometimes it can be good and incredibly refreshing to change up your palette a little bit. This gorgeous tray would be the perfect addition to a traditional dining set without having to go the whole nine yards, yes, please!...Hope you're having a happy weekend...Enjoy!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lady Bird- Foster the People-Pumped Up Kicks

Foster the People is their name and that is what they are doing, fostering our dance moves. Thank you for creating Pumped Up Kicks, a great new song to dance, run or just sit at your cube to. If i need a pick me up at work I just put this song on and I am groovin' in my stability office chair. They are a band from LA and i definitely believe they will be a hit wherever they go. Get some dancin shoes on and hit the weekend w/ pep in your step!

signing off Ladybird

ps. they will be at the Highdive in Seattle on March 26th, see you there

foster the people, ashley meaders, oh joy, yes, please

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love it / Live it: Into the Mystic [Marco Suarez]

Lately I am in absolute awe of the snowcapped mountains that surround us here. There is just something incredibly humbling about them and when the light is hitting them just right, they have a way of shifting everything back into perspective...
I'm loving the way this print by Marco Suarez captures that ephereal light and seems to be in constant motion and I found the same delicate hues in this pillow from abc home. I'm thinking of going for the same lightly dyed effect for my duvet cover as I am looking forward to a weekend of DIY projects around the house, I promise to share them soon! Happy weekend everyone..Enjoy! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I want to Live In...The Ridgeback Cafe

As you know, Seattle is coffee haven, and when the sky is grey and there is work to be done the best way to pass the time is holed up in a comfy cafe with a heavenly mug of a local roast. I just moved into the Ballard/Phinney Ridge neighborhood and have quickly fallen in love with the Ridgeback Cafe on the corner of 65th and 4th.
Between the organic mid-century modern interior, incredible food and delicious coffee (they serve Stumptown Coffee) this place is perfect for weekend brunch with the girls (they have PINT size mimosas!) or a late afternoon cram session. The minimal yet ecclectic decor is a perfect mash-up of industrial chic and thrift store jewels in a sunny warm palette...Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Music + Style: [The Head and The Heart] Folk Modern meets Parisian Hip

Hello lovely readers! I am so excited to share this exclusive interview with you today as I truly feel it brings together everything The Daylight is about: heart + soul, music + style, art + design, and working on it meant reconnecting with an old friend and a woman who is doing what she loves and pursuing a passion. I hope this leaves you feeling a little lighter, a lot inspired and most of all, loving life....
photos via Jeni Nelson, Robertson Ashman
 What inspires you?

 REALITY. Street fashion. Live performance. Relationships. Human emotion. Nature. Documentaries. The newspaper. Biographies. Travel. Love. Brokenness. Beauty.

Where do your lyrics come from, is it personal or just comes when you play?

They are very personal for all of the songwriters in the band (Jon, Josiah and me) and affect me  whenever I perform them. Songs recount histories and emotions, finding their origin in when they were written. I'm reminded of past memories whenever i hear them. The good and the bad.

photo via Dylan Priest, Jeni Nelson, necklace sadiedesign

How would you describe your style?

Individual. Haute couture inspired classic non trendy. Parisian hip. I wear a lot of black and neutrals, juxtaposing textures, eras and feminine/masculine pieces. I love lace, leather, (recycled) fur, silk and sequins; a pair of j brand jeans; a chain purse; a unique heel (I'm a shoe girl); oversized sweaters/button-ups and layers of gold jewelry.

You have $100 to shop, where do you go?

 Every city I visit, the first thing that i look up is a vintage/consignment store. There are always inexpensive gems that you will probably never find again. After that I would venture to a Zara, Anthropologie or Top Shop if around.

photos via Diane Bolme, Dylan Priest 1. top shop 2. arteriors home 3. wisteria

Favorite Style Icons...

Sofia Loren. Marie Antoinette. Audrey Hepburn. Alexa Chung. The Olsen Twins. Kate Moss. Sienna Miller. Kate Bosworth.

Favorite Musical artists...

 The Beatles. Emmylou Harris. Willie Nelson. Radiohead. Ryan Adams. Arcade Fire. Ella Fitzgerald. Tom Petty. Dylan. Jay Z. Edith Piaf. Dr. Dog. Mississippi John Hurt. Sigur Ros. Wilco. Damien Jurado. Duke Ellington. Lauryn Hill.

pillow sachin and babi, chandelier arteriors home, painting robert rauchenberg, mirror wisteria, chaise urban outfitters, end table wisteria
Favorite Visual artists...

Jeff Wall. Robert Rauschenberg. Van Gogh. William Eggleston.

Favorite Designers...

Marc Jacobs. Tom Ford. Stella McCartney. ChloƩ. Paul & Joe. Chanel. Yves Saint-Laurent. Alexander McQueen
photo via Robertsen Ashman, Dylan Ashman1-3 topshop, necklace free people

"I was in Charelston, South Carolina the other day. We played at The Music Farm with Dr. Dog and all of us had like an hour to explore downtown. I started walking, hoping to find a great shop or two. At first, I was fairly disappointed given there were seemingly only souvenir shops and this church bizarre-like flea market. I bought nothing, although did stop at one of the antique jewelry vendors, which put jewelry in my subconscious.
Exiting the flea market corridor, I ran straight into a mall with a few shops.
The only stores I found were middle-age shops for the southern mother: St. John and Talbot's. Out of desperation and a little hope, I walked into Chico's. Yes, I know, Chico's. But to my surprise I walked away with four jewelry pieces marked down to 10 dollars each (see picture). Wandering to the venue, I found "The Trunk Show" vintage shop on the street where I purchased a multi-color beaded small chain purse for under sixty!"

photo by charity

Do you have solo work?

 I'm contstantly writing songs with my guitar. Some may be used for the band and the others kept as my own (personally recorded or performed at the open mic).

What album are you listening to right now?

Dr. Dog's Shame, Shame (2010). We, The Head and The Heart, are on a U.S. tour with them actually. It's been a bit of a dream for us to support them as we have so much respect and fondness of their music. This album is one of my favorites and they kill it live!

Do you have other projects?

Nope. The Head and The Heart is my project; although I love fashion and film photography.

photos by charity
I know you've traveled a lot. What is your favorite city and why?

That's a difficult one to answer. There is so much of this world I have yet to see...As of now, it would either be Paris or New Orleans. Paris is such a historic and romantic city. And New Orleans. There's a soul in that town.

When you are up on stage what brings you your calm and confidence?

A shot of tequila and the wave of contentment and energy I get from doing exactly what I love.

sketches by charity, photos via Diane Bolme, 1-3 topshop
What is your advice for girls dreaming big?

Keep dreaming big. Persevere and be confident in it. Take whatever it is that makes you unique and pursue that with as much fervor and earnesty as possible. Your resolute confidence and hard work in the pursuit will quiet the critics. I've tried to determine who I am and run with that.

And as some of you may know, this incredible band just signed with Subpop who will be re-releasing their album on April 16th...Make to check The Head and the Heart's site to see when they'll playing near you, and for all my Seattleites...April 29th @ the Showbox, and May 29th @ Sasquatch Music Festival, hope to see you all there!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ladybird: The Head and the Heart-Down in the Valley

Readers, this is a special edition post... Charity from the Head and the Heart, a local Seattle band on the rise has chosen a video from her band's performances this past year. Down in the Valley, I believe was the first song I had heard from The Head and the Heart and immediately fell in love. They should be called 'the Seattle band'; with their folk sound and Ballard style, they are completely Northwest. Their rich sound and soulful lyrics were the perfect anecdote for the grey Seattle day where the Live Concert at the Mural series took place, sponsored by the best radio station on earth KEXP. Enjoy this song and drink an americano while you listen!(and please not from Starbucks)

signing off Ladybird

photos by Charity Rose Thielen
photos via KEXP,
And for our exclusive interview with Charity herself, check back tomorrow...until then..Enjoy!

photo via April Brimer, sofa via wisteria

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Love it / Live it: Hectic Beauty [Crystall Jackson]

Is it Sunday already? I've spent the weekend trying to catch up on my life and now it's almost Monday again. I found this charming painting by Crystall Jackson and felt considerably drawn to it as it's a perfect representation of my life right now. There is so much beauty and little unexpected golden moments in it, but it is incredibly hectic and completely void of order.
I'm hoping to move things a bit more in the direction of this necklace by Sadie. Still incredibly unique and interesting, organic with an edge and a touch of glamour, but a bit more simplified...Hope you all have a relaxing and simplifying Sunday...Enjoy!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Art + Interiors: Splendid Chaos [Robert Rauchenberg]

Ah Friday, and I am so glad it's here... I recently had the absolute pleasure of interviewing The Head and the Heart's Charity Rose Thielen (details soon I promise!) and let me tell you, this girl has style. Our conversations left me utterly inspired so today I am featuring one of her favorite artists, Robert Rauchenberg. I have to say his work has not always been my cup of tea but something that Charity shared made me see his work in a whole new light...

When asked what inspires her, Charity's first response was REALITY. And I think that is exactly what is so intriguing about Rauchenberg's work. His mix of media, found objects and seemingly sporadic palettes are a perfect representation of everyday life's splendid chaos.  
I love Seattle for that very same reason, I am inspired daily by the gritty, organic, diverse culture all around me here. And by the amazing people it tends to attract.

"I think a painting is more like the real world if it's made out the real world." -Robert Rauschenberg

light, end tables and chair via South of Market, pillow wary meyers, rug fort street studios, accessories arteriors home, chair architonic

I love this mix of the elements. The cold metals against the unfinished wood, the hard angles against the uninhibited brush strokes, so much drama is created before any colors are even brought in. And it's the unexpected mix of it all that makes it a room with a story. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love it / Live it: Flower Power [Alexandra Valenti]

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am happy to say we are having some very welcome sunshine here in Seattle this week and it's getting me all excited for springtime! Unfortunately, we still have a few months until things start to bloom but these allover florals will do in the meantime.
photography via Alexandra Valenti, sofa via Anthropologie
Lounging around in cheery yellows and reds? Yes, please! Enjoy...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Working Girl...2.8.11

As most of you know, my life got a bit more hectic and a lot more exciting a few weeks ago when I landed a job with Seattle's Lifestyle Expert, Kelley Moore. There has been so much going on here (and in NY and LA) with projects, events and segments (watch Kelley on the Nate Berkus show) that I could not even begin to share it all with you here but I do have a little close-up of one of Kelley's gorgeous tablescapes in the middle of Bellevue square...
The challenge was to put together three tabletops using only items found in the Bellevue Collection to be on display for a month in the center of the mall. Each table is paired with a stunning piece of Art as well which of course I love. This was my favorite table with the layers upon layers of texture and gold, and the pop of pink in the flowers and menu cards were just the right finishing touch. Enjoy!

Love it / Live it: Feeling (Happily) Blue [Mark Rothko]

I just picked up the most recent issue of House Beautiful and though it happens to be their pink issue, I was most taken by these stunningly unique Rock Finials by Hillary Thomas Designs. They give a burst of texture and color that is reminiscent of one of my favorite Mark Rothko paintings.
The allover saturation of aqua blue gives me a lift every time. Whether a huge print on your wall or a little topping on an otherwise neutral lamp, a daily dose of blue skies is a sure fire mood enhancer..Enjoy!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Hope you all had a wonderful Monday! I am so excited to have a guest post up on one of my favorite blogs FUJI FILES so please check it out. And on another exciting note, by random selection we have picked one lucky winner for our strataflora hand-made tusk earrings giveaway...
Congrats Chelon we hope you enjoy the earrings and can't wait to see some gorgeous photos of you rocking them! Contact me with your info and we'll have them on their way to you soon! Thank you all for entering and I'll see you very soon with some more daily inspiration...and hop on over to strataflora next week for a giveaway from me!

Ladybird: Lord Huron-The Stranger

For those of you in the midwest, this is a tribute to you and your winter wonderland. As a northwesterner we do not get blizzards or snow storms but once a year and our world shuts down, but i do feel a bit jealous that you get to make snow angels more than two days a year. stay safe, keep warm and enjoy this tribute to you!

Lord Huron is a new band out of Los Angles CA and their EP is wonderful. This beautiful video was shot in Michigan and has more of the feel of a movie than a music video. Lord Huron sounds like the music in my dreams, take a peek!

signing off ladybird

from top, abby blaine photography, lord huron video, qqueenofhearts.blogspot, daydream lilly, lord huron video, oh joy, coco+kelley
And as always a little inspiration to get you through those winter days...And coming this week, our exclusive interveiw with The Head and the Heart's own Charity Rose Thielen! Enjoy

Friday, February 4, 2011

Guest Post: FUJI FILES Art + Style [Bridget Riley]

Hi everyone! My name's Cristina and I write for a little blog called FujiFiles, and I'm a fellow coco+kelley contributor with Laura! I was so excited when Laura contacted me to do a guest post here, so I've jumped right in with artist Bridget Riley.
Riley's modernist works give me a bright, happy, retro feel, so I've put together a couple of looks that give me that same feeling!

 Pants, rings, shirt Netaporter, shoes & purse Asos, lipgloss Nars
This outfit includes a few of my favorite things, in a color palette I wouldn't typically think to put together. Pink, coral and cobalt are all so bold individually, I was inspired by the way Riley combined them in a such sophisticated way.

Shorts, hat, shoes Topshop, sunglasses & bag Asos, shirt Netaporter

With this outfit I was inspired by the sail-like shapes within the painting, so I pulled together a look that I'd love to wear on a stylish day out boating. Enjoy!