Sunday, November 14, 2010

Art + Interiors: Berry Punch [Richard Mayhew]

Today I am loving the vibrant expressionist landscapes of African-American artist Richard Mayhew. After seeing this piece, 'Rhapsody' in person at the De Young Museum in San Fransisco I knew I had to have more. The vivid colors pack quite a bit of punch and are not easy to miss. The heavy application of color upon color, the vast range of values and the complimentary palettes (orange and blue, red and purple) make these paintings emotionally charged and incredibly substantial. I love the way the trees silhouetted against their rich skies seem to vibrate with life. They emit the feeling of nature's energy and its connection to us all.
"I paint the essence of nature, always seeking the unique spiritual mood of the landscape" -Richard Mayhew

live in it...
Chair via Jonathan Adler , Lamp via abc home , End table via Neiman Marcus, Table via West Elm, Pillow and Rug via Madeline Weinrib

 I loved pulling from the highly saturated jewel tones in Mayhew's work to bring that same drama to a space. Not only would you never feel cold in this palette but the berry pinks are flattering to any complexion. And how much would you love to curl up in that bright orange tufted chair for a catch-up session with one of your closest friends? Enjoy! 

And a couple designers who know how to amp up the palette the right way are none other than the one and only Kelly Wearstler... 

And Marjorie Skouras...


  1. Amazing! I love those warm colors...especially the coral and berry hues! That chair looks SO cozy and the last image of Kelly's rooms (with the red walls) is incredible! Hope everything is going're so close to being done with school now - bet you're so excited! :o)

  2. Thanks Amy! Yes i am so excited to be finished!!

  3. Stunning pieces! Love that pink/orange bed room! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx