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Friday, May 13, 2011

Ladybird: 'Madagascar' by Lake

So often I find bands from all over the country but my dear Seattle is a mecca for up and coming bands. Recently I came across the band Lake which I have heard before but their album Let's Build a Roof has a distinct bosa nova sound which is unlike anything I have heard lately. They are currently signed to K records out of Olympia Washington. "Madagascar" is one of my favorite songs that has a sultry beat and calming lyrics. Please enjoy their own blog and check out their upcoming show at the Tractor Tavern on May 15th! While you are there also check out the Field House where you can get some northwest garb!

signing off ladybird

photos of The Field House (in Ballard) via BlackBird
photos + products via Etsy shop IndianvsIndian

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  1. this place looks awesome. unfortunately i don't look very good in plaid... i will take that chair tho