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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love it / Live it: Organic Structure [Kevin Appel]

Usually I am such a color girl but today I'm inspired by a light neutral palette to clear my head. I love the way artist Kevin Appel plays with drama and movement in this piece by letting the lines and patterns interact on a clean white canvas. It's a good balance between total chaos and total calm. And that is where I am looking to fall today as well, with a full plate and a lot of distractions I'm trying to refocus and harness my energy in the most productive way possible...

And wouldn't you love to lay your head down on this dreamy grey pillow from Nightwood? With the appearance of being delicately hand dyed and hand stitched, it embodies the same sense of balance between the structured and the organic. Hope your day finds that same sweet balance...Enjoy!

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