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Friday, December 3, 2010

Art + Cycle Chic: Biking Euphoria

As my move-out date rapidly approaches I wanted to pay a little tribute to the things I will sorely miss about life in Southern California. One of my absolute favorite aspects of living down here has been my beach cruiser. With me since the very beginning, my bright blue bike has seen me through a lot of ups and downs here and whenever I needed a break from it all and a little lift, hitting the boardwalk on that bike was the perfect fix.
Jackson Pollock, Eva_lu
One of the most amazing women I've met down here is Eva of she is total inspiration with a bike and a camera. Her blog documents her life biking around Orange County and all over the World, shopping for vintage clothes and spending time with the people she loves and her 'Cycle Chic Sundays' are among some of my fondest memories down here. Drawing from her photos and works from some of the artists featured in LA's Museum of Contemperary Art (MOCA) I bring you today's Southern California dedicated inspiration...
Richard Diebenkorn, Eva_lu
"To me the act of riding a bike is just as much an art form as it is a mode of transportation. While riding I am an object in motion interacting , supplementing and bringing life and movement to the backdrop of my suburban landscapes. Things may be a bit drab in the flatlands of stuccoville - but with my closet as my palette and my bicycles as my brush I zip along the bike lane leaving colorful impressions in the tailwind. " -Eva

Mark Rothko, Eva_Lu
I love the way her photographs capture the feeling of being on a bike; exploratory, vibrant and absolutely freeing. Enjoy and head on over to for more inspiration and cycle love!

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